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Inaugural Women’s Golf Day Hails Global Success

Thousands of Women Unite through Golf at more than 400 venues spanning 27 countries around the World New York, NYꟷ On June 7, 2016 thousands of women and girl’s throughout the world picked up a golf club in celebration of International Women’s Golf Day. History was made when more than 400 golf facilities in 27 countries rolled out the welcome mat and served as hosts for the inaugural Women’s Golf Day (WGD).

“We were able to fulfill our mission to engage, empower, and support women and girls through golf,” said Women’s Golf Day Founder Elisa Gaudet, President of Executive Golf International. “To think it transcended language, culture, religion and race is pretty incredible, especially with all that is going in the world. It was a celebration of golf, women, and community, with plenty of camaraderie, too.”

This novel global golf initiative which introduced women and girls to the game also encouraged existing golfers to tee it up in a fun and non-threatening environment. Gaudet engaged a team of 15 well-respected industry professionals, all volunteering their time in hopes of growing the game and uniting women globally through golf.

Just eight months ago, Gaudet pitched the WGD concept to golf management companies, encouraging them to analyze the important fact that women are “economic influencers” as it relates to the game and the business of golf everything from country club memberships and home sales on golf courses to increasing youth participation in the sport. Given women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care and control over $20 Trillion in world-wide spending. Women have tremendous spending power in America today—and it’s growing. Market estimates about their total purchasing prowess varies, ranging anywhere from $5 trillion to $15 trillion annually.

“We were so proud to be a part of the inaugural Women’s Golf Day,” said Mark Burnett, ClubCorp Chief Operating Officer. “Our golf and country clubs embraced this initiative with some amazing events and will continue their efforts in promoting the game with females, which is so important in impacting the future of the game.”

The Women’s Golf Day web page www.womensgolfday.com served as the go-to center and still holds a map highlighting all participating countries and WGD venues, starting in Australia and making its way west. The event included participation from golf facilities in China, India, Dubai, South Africa, Uganda, Tunisia, Morocco, Europe, plus islands along the way, as well as USA and Canada.

The common theme that resonates with WGD participants is the fact that the experience helped them “step out of their comfort zone” and encouraged them to try something new. Since WGD also served as a venue to learn about other player development offerings, event organizers anticipate more women and girls will be taking more lessons and clinics and ultimately playing more golf.

The WGD social media page www.womensgolfday.com/social, continues to attract participants who are posting positive comments about their WGD experience. “There are so many amazing photos and appreciative comments still being posted,” said Gaudet, “each echo glowing thoughts about the event and the new friendships that emerged from it. This confirms to us, there will definitely be another Women’s Golf Day spanning the globe in 2017.”

Event organizers were extremely pleased with the extensive media coverage on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive show which sparked additional attention not only to Women’s Golf Day, but to women’s golf in general.

WGD organizers are asking allied golf organizations and businesses to mark their calendars now, as the 2017 Women’s Golf Day event has been set for Tuesday, June 6.


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