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Special Letter from NGCOA CEO Mike Hughes

Re: PGA’s most recent decision related to third-party reseller agreement 

CHARLESTON, S.C. (Feb. 9, 2012) – As you have undoubtedly heard, the PGA of America's Board of Directors decided this week to overturn its approved plan to enter into negotiations with/potentially endorse a third-party tee time reseller. I know many of you, including the NGCOA Board of Directors, are pleased with this decision. I have been in contact with the PGA of America’s CEO, Joe Steranka, on several occasions over the past few days. I spoke with him again yesterday and expressed these sentiments.

From the release on this topic by PGA President, Alan Wronowski, it is evident that NGCOA members’ efforts to make their voices heard was an important factor in this decision. Here’s an excerpt from that statement:
“After reviewing a number of recent communications from the employer community expressing disagreement with the practices of third-party resellers and their impact on the golf course industry, the Board concluded it is in the Association's best interests to end current negotiations with one company and engage owners on a common approach to this practice.”
Click here to view the full statement from the PGA. 
On this same page the PGA references the NGCOA’s Policy and Best Practices Related to Third-Party Tee Time Resellers as a resource, another example of the impact your association is having on this critical industry issue.
I personally thank each and every one of you that participated on this issue. This association is nothing without active participation from its members. Coming together in the spirit of partnership, for the sake of your business and for the sake of the industry and game, is to be applauded.
Undoubtedly, there will be more discussions and challenges ahead related to this topic, but I’m confident that, together, we can work to ensure whatever comes our way is first and foremost in the best interest of golf course owners.
Again, thank you.
Mike Hughes, CEO
National Golf Course Owners Association

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