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Regarding Discussion of Potential PGA/GolfNow Partnership 

CHARLESTON, S.C. (February 3, 2012) - As many of you are aware, the PGA of America has been in discussions with GolfNow for the purposes of developing a partnered tee-time solution. We are unaware of all the details, but do understand that this partnership was to be announced at the recent PGA Show; however, due to concerns voiced by many, the announcement was delayed. It is our understanding that the PGA is in the process of reviewing their initial decision and are taking the many comments received under advisement.

The NGCOA is carefully monitoring the situation and related activities and will report to its members as more unfolds. As we have said before, although every operator has the right and the ability to make an independent decision on how his or her business operates, how revenues are generated and with whom to partner, the NGCOA feels it is in the best interest for the entire industry to be educated and fully aware of all the issues surrounding third-party tee-time resellers. We recommend that golf course owners and operators continue to look toward the policy and best practices developed by the NGCOA Board of Directors in May 2011. This information was developed after surveying members to determine the NGCOA’s role in this particular area.

The NGCOA policy and best practices related to third-party tee time resellers can be found by clicking here.

Whether you are for or against this decision made by the PGA, the NGCOA encourages you to make your feelings known to those of influence in the industry, your colleagues, your staff and others. It is our hope that your voice of support or concern is delivered in a professional, insightful manner and through appropriate channels. We recommend you share your thoughts with NGCOA members by using the listserv or by finding individual members through the NGCOA membership directory.

There is strength in numbers and solidarity. Whether on this issue or others, we encourage you to work with fellow members to make your voice heard to ensure a better, more stable golf industry for us all. And, as always, we are here to provide support and guidance.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact us.

Joe Rice
Director of Membership, NGCOA

Mike Hughes


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