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Golf course owners in Norway join EGCOA as Federation
for Norwegian Golf courses (FNG) 

Premier PartnerIn advance of the EGCOA Spring Board Meeting in Rome, Italy, the newly formed Federation for Norwegian Golf courses (FNG) was formally accepted as member chapter in the European Golf Course Owners Association (EGCOA).

Marcel Welling, president of the EGCOA, said: “We are very happy with the initiative taken by the Norwegian golf course owners to start a national association. It will strengthen their business and cooperation. For the EGCOA it is important to have another member that completes the cooperation of owners in Scandinavia.” Besides Norway, there are also EGCOA member chapters in Sweden, Finland and Denmark which means all owners in Scandinavia are now united.

Scilla Treschow Hokholt, international contact person of the Federation for Norwegian Golf courses FNG, added: “We believe in the importance of an owners association in our country. With the many courses we have in our growing market we see a big potential for our association. We choose to be member of the EGCOA to be able to communicate with members in other countries, to learn from them and share our experiences with them. We believe strongly in cooperation.“

The EGCOA started in 2004 and has members in 24 European countries, representing more than 600 golf courses. The goals of the EGCOA are to represent golf courses on a European level, improve the business by growing the game of golf and professionalize the business side of golf. The EGCOA is a sister organisation of the NGCOA in the USA and Canada. Together with the Asian Golf Course Owners Association AGCOA they form a world alliance. Toro and Club Car are Preferred Suppliers of the EGCOA. Colt Mackenzie McNair, Syngenta and the STRI are Business Partners.

The Federation for Norwegian Golf courses FNG was founded in 2010. The goals of the FNG are to look after the interests of the golf course owners, to improve and grow the golf business, and to cooperate with other owners on an international level. The owners association was founded by Haga Golfpark AS, Hauger Golfbane AS, Mørk Golf AS, Borre Golfbane AS, Larvik Golfbane AS, Norsjø Golfpark AS, Oustøen Country Club, Oslo Golfklubb, Losby Golfpark AS and Evje Golfpark AS.

Contact details:
Forening for Norske Golfbaner (FNG)
Fritzøe Gård
N- 3267 Larvik

Contact person: Scilla Treschow Hokholt
Contact phone: + 47 97 66 41 00
European Golf Course Owners Association (EGCOA)
Danzigerkade 8
1013 AP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Contact person: Tibbe Bakker
Contact phone: +31 20 330 6103

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