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Idea Fair2009 Idea Fair Winner Announced

Congratulations to George Kelley, CEO and principal of Greenway Golf, which manages Stevinson Ranch in Stevinson, Cali., winner of the 2009 Golf Business “Ideas that Cook” Idea Fair.

After eight course operators presented their ideas during Thursday’s Idea Fair, audience members chose Kelley’s “Director of Fun” idea as the grand prize winner. 

Kelley and his team at Greenway Golf Management hired a “Director of Fun” based on their belief that they are in the entertainment business. Among the things Stevinson Ranch does to keep it light and fun, is have the marshal select a shot of the day – if it’s a bad shot the prize is a free golf lesson. Beverage cart attendants also write fashion citations for golfers sporting the ugliest shirt or mix-match outfit. Fashion violators can redeem their gift certificate for a new shirt or other merchandise in the golf shop.  Kelley believes that by eliminating pressures and adding enjoyment and ease, they can attract customers that may otherwise be hesitant about golfing.

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