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Industry-Wide Player Development Efforts

The NGCOA is partnering with other leading golf industry organizations to grow the game. Here's a summary of the key industry growth initiatives currently underway:

Play Golf America - Play Golf America is the industry-leading player development initiative, developed by industry leaders as a comprehensive, coordinated marketing strategy. Play Golf America's aim is to grow participation and drive traffic to golf facilities throughout the country. Currently, this is being done through an active event calendar and aggressive promotional efforts, all culminating with traffic being driven to a single portal: www.playgolfamerica.com

Get Golf Ready - Established by GOLF 20/20, Get Golf Ready is a beginner golf program for adults who wish to learn the game in a fun and affordable way in 5 group lessons. A featured Play Golf America Program, Get Golf Ready was designed to bring new golfers into the game in a fast, fun and gratifying way and bring former golfers back to the game. Its mission is to deliver a consistent Get Golf Ready experience at a reasonable and attractive price for adult consumers from coast-to-coast, where they will learn the game through a series of group lessons and transition to ongoing playing opportunities. By participating in this program, students will be well on their way to becoming better golfers with an appreciation for the history, rules and etiquette of the game. To learn more about Get Golf Ready and how you can become a host facility, visit www.playgolfamerica.com/ggr/.

Tee It Forward - To help golfers have more fun on the course and enhance their overall experience by playing from a set of tees best suited to their abilities, “TEE IT FORWARD” is a new national initiative to be proposed for golf facilities nationwide. TEE IT FORWARD encourages all golfers to play the course at a length that is aligned with their average driving distance. Golfers can speed up play by utilizing tees that provide the greatest playability and enjoyment. TEE IT FORWARD is not necessarily about creating a new set of tees—many facilities already have multiple tees in use every day. It is about changing the mindset of golfers in a positive way—encouraging people to consider setting aside playing from 6,500-6,700 yards and moving up to a length of 6,000-6,200 yards or moving from 6,000-6,200 yards to 5,700-5,800 yards. Encourage your customers to Tee It Forward for a more fun golfing experience.  For the host facility toolkit, including marketing materials, click here.


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